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Francis Bacon: The Essays or Councels, Civil and Moral: Index

Francis Bacon

Libero adattamento per finalità autodidattiche di testi di Francis Bacon (1561-1626) con audio registrazioni di pubblico dominio tratti da Librivox. Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.  Dizionari: Dicios; Sansoni: Word-Reference. Links: Adelaide University.  ↓ Bottom.


Essay 1-3  →  FBE/1/01.

     Of Truth
     Of Death
     Of Unity in Religion

     Of Revenge
     Of Adversity
     Of Simulation and Dissimulation
     Of Parents and Children
     Of Marriage and Single Life
     Of Envy
     Of Love
     Of Great Place
     Of Boldness
     Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature
     Of Nobility
     Of Seditions and Troubles
     Of Atheism
     Of Superstition
     Of Travel
     Of Empire
     Of Counsel
     Of Delays
     Of Cunning
     Of Wisdom for a Man's Self
     Of Innovations
     Of Dispatch
     Of Seeming Wise
     Of Friendship
     Of Expense
     Of the True Greatness of Kingdoms and Estates
     Of Regiment of Health
     Of Suspicion
     Of Discourse
     Of Plantations
     Of Riches
     Of Prophecies
     Of Ambition
     Of Masques and Triumphs
     Of Nature in Men
     Of Custom and Education
     Of Fortune
     Of Usury
     Of Youth and Age
     Of Beauty
     Of Deformity
     Of Building
     Of Gardens
     Of Negotiating
     Of Followers and Friends
     Of Suitors
     Of Studies
     Of Faction
     Of Ceremonies and Respects
     Of Praise
     Of Vain-glory
     Of Honor and Reputation
     Of Judicature
     Of Anger
     Of Vicissitude of Things
     Of Fame


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