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Frasi chiavi per la lingua inglese. Prima Serie: Grammatica. Elementary.

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1. - S - H -


A dog
1. The television is in living-room.
2. I’m 32 years old. My sister is 29.
3. Steve is ill. He’s in bed.
4. Am I late?
5. Is your mother at home?
6. Are your parents at home?
7.  I’m tired, but I’m not hungry.
8. I’m afraid of dogs.
9. My brother is afraid of dogs.
10. Ann and I are good friends.
11. The boy is angry.
12. May father is angry with me.

2. - S - H -

I am doing / are you doing?
(present continuous)

A newspaper
1. I’m working. I’m not watching TV.
2. Maria is reading a newspaper.
3. She isn’t eating. 
4. «Are you feeling OK?» «Yes, I’m fine, thanks».
5. Why are you wearing a coat? It’s not cold.
6. What are the children doing? The’re watching television.
7. She’s wearing a hat.
8. It’s raining.
9. Please be quiet. I’m working.
10. The’re playing footbal.

3. - S - H -

I do/work/like etc.
(present simple) 

the sun
1. I work in a shop. My brother works in a bank.
2. Lucy lives in London. Her parents live in Scotland.
3. It rains a lot in winter.
4. The heart goes round the sun.
5. I like bog cities.
6. We do a lot of different things in our free time.
7. It costs a lot of money to build a hospital.
8. We go often away at weekends.
9. Sue always gets to work early.
10. I sometimes wlak to work, but not very often.

4. - S - H -

I have...
and I’ve got...

1. I have blue eyes = I’ve got blue eyes.
2. Tim has two sister = Tim has got two sisters.
3. Our car has foor doors = Our car has got four doors.
4. Sarah isn’t feeling well. She has a headache = She’s got a headache.
5. They like animals. They have a horse, three dogs and six cats.
6. Thev’ve got a horse.
7. I’ve got a motorbike, but I haven’t got a car.
8. Tracey and Jeff haven’t got any children.
9. It’s a nice house, but it hasn’t got a garden.
10. Have you got a camera? No, I haven’t.

5. - S - H -


1. Now Robert is at work. At midnight last night he wasn’t at work.
2. He was in bed.
3. He was asleep.
4. I am tired. I was tired last night.
5. Where is Kate? Where was Kate yesterday?
6. The weather is good today. The weather was good last Sunday.
7. You are late. You were late yesterday.
8. They aren’t here. They weren’t here last Sunday.
9. Last year Rachel was 22, so she is 23 now.
10. The hotel was confortable, but it wasn’t expensive.

6. - S - H -

worked/got/went etc.
(past simple) 

1. They watch television every evening.
2. They watched television yesterday evening.
3. I clean my teeth every morning. This morning I cleaned my teeth.
4. Terry worked in a bank from 1996 to 2003.
5. Yesterday it rained all morning. It stopped at lunchtime.
6. We enjoyed the party last night. We danced a lot and talked to a lot of people. The party finished at midnight.
7. I usually get up early, but this morning I got up at 9 o’clock.
8. We did a lot of work yesterday.
9. We did a lot of work yesterday.
10. Caroline went to the cinema three times last week.

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